Prebiotics For Improved Liver Function


We should all be interested in the health and maintenance of our liver, after all it’s the largest and hardest working organ in our body. The benefits of prebiotics for liver health can be tremendous.

The liver is our body’s filtering system, which means it’s job is to protect us from nasty things like dead cells, cancer cells, harmful bacteria and viruses, toxic chemicals, and unhealthy fat. A poor functioning liver can not only cause heart problems and disease, but will make the immune system work much harder than it should, and potentially lead to allergies and inflammation in the body.


Poor diet is the common cause for many liver disorders and disease. People who suffer from liver disorders have a bad bacterial makeup in their colon, and this is where most of the population of beneficial bacteria living in our intestines is found, and this is where prebiotics feed them, and destroy the harmful bacteria at the same time.

Prebiotics keep our colon healthy by feeding the good bacteria living there. It’s when poor dieting and increased dangerous bacteria begin to thrive and over take the good bacteria that digestive disorders start to manifest and can have a direct affect on the liver Detoxic Velemyek.

Keeping the colon healthy with prebiotic substances ensures non-toxic blood doesn’t get inside our liver. Of course the benefits of prebiotics have been linked to even help to prevent colon cancer, help control our weight, lower cholesterol, balance blood sugars, and help prevent type-2 diabetes.

Often it’s very difficult to know if your problems are from a liver disorder or not. If you study the symptoms of fatty liver disease you will notice many can be the same as a list of general digestive disorders we normally wouldn’t associate with the liver:

abdominal pains
acid reflux
Other possible symptoms from liver problems include weight gain, obesity, and unstable blood sugar levels which can lead to diabetes.

Liver disease is not only cause by drinking too much alcohol, although that is a good one, but is commonly caused through eating a poor diet. The high processed foods many of us eat contain too much sugar and unhealthy fats and are loaded with artificial preservatives additives and chemicals. It’s no wonder so many of us are constantly ill due to a poor liver and digestive system problems.

Some good news

Yes, there really is some good news because scientific research has been very focused on prebiotics and their effect on our intestinal tract, because scientists know that what happens there good or bad, will have major consequences to our health.

Many big claims regarding prebiotics have been made, some already proven, some not, but there has been enough evidence to show it’s positive effects on increasing probiotic, or good bacteria production which is directly related to better digestive health, especially in the colon where we can benefit from symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation, cancer prevention and a healthier liver.

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