Green Architectural Design – Seven Elements to Incorporate Into a House


So what exactly can we do as a society to improve our physical surroundings and produce our homes greener?

Those who are recent people in this City of Miami don’t know exactly what it was like to live or in the Caribbean in the 1950’s or 60’s. My family used to emerge and vacation here from the 60’s. We’d originate from Cuba from 1961 and proceeded up northsouth, but we came once or twice a year in your holiday season.

In the fifty’s or at the early sixty’s no-one had fundamental air. A lot of people could have window or wall A/C units in their houses. And many houses didn’t possess air in any way.

So how had been houses designed afterward? Properly, many residences were created for good cross ventilation. They had either jalousie or awning windows. Both of them allowed the entire window to be opened to get breezes to come through, as opposed to single-hung or flat sliding windows that merely open buttery. Ceilings had been high and often had fans. Although most residences had no insulating material, among the ceiling and cross venting that the summer heating was bearable. In places like Cuba where there were consistently cross-winds from the sea, the summers have been even more agreeable Fort Lauderdale architects.

I recall when I lived in the sorority house at Georgia Tech in Atlanta even though going to architecture faculty, there was no air at the house. We made due with a whole residence extractor enthusiast about the second ground, and frankly, a lot of time, this carried out the majority of heat inside your home, making the sorority residence quite livable, actually during Atlanta’s summer time summer days.

Yet another detail that great architects took into consideration was the orientation of the house and protection of those walls and walls. In our Southeast region of the usa, the sun is nearly never from the north except during a few days at the winter. The sun climbs in the east and sets in the west and west goes a little to the south since it goes round the sky from east to west from sunrise to sunset. It follows that the eastwest, and south west exposures of your home want overhangs. Windows to the west need certainly to be prevented because western sun could be the latest of the day. Furthermore, sunlight throws deep shadows. Getting next to these dividers is really uncomfortable from the afternoon. Windows on the oriental vulnerability are most welcomed as sunlight in the early morning is really pleasant.

Exactly how can be most houses designed currently? They discount all this.

Air conditioning is the largest user of electricity within virtually any home. The second most significant user is your waterheater. If we are to earn a real dent to just what the common homeowner makes use of at power, then a few things have to change in home layout. Essentially we have to return to the future.

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