Frontal Cortex and Marijuana


Frontal Cortex and smoking don’t appear to reflect a compatible relationship. As tough as it could be, parents has to be the anti-drug and supply information with their teens regarding the brief and long-term effects of marijuana on the mind of Frontal Cortex. The frontal lobes are responsible for decision making, judgment and reasoning and recognition of long term impacts. Marijuana or maybe more specifically tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) slows the flow of blood to theses areas affecting functioning in a already slow developing process. Many teens that live just for now and don’t accept or have the foresight for long term consequences will discover that it is a lot harder after smoking bud.

Frontal Cortex and smoking ingestion may lead to other issues. Anyone that smokes marijuana usually becomes involved in risky behavior as a consequence of impaired judgment and difficulty of making serious conclusions. They’ve issues with temporary memory and reduced inhibitions that result in additional problems. Proponents of legalizing Marijuana assert that it does not cause other medication use. With the impairment listed above it should be obvious how marijuana leads to the utilization of other drugs.

Parents have to be to front lines with this anti-drug champagne because they must be the very first ever to recognize that the indicators. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has reported that currently greater than 656,000 people have entered drug rehab centers with marijuana as their main dependence.

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